What is the EPP Code Used in Domain Transfer?


Extensible Provisioning Protocol (Epp) is AN application layer client-server protocol used for the management and provisioning of the objects kept within the shared repository. it's allotted to every domain by the registrar at the time of registration.


What is the EPP Code Used in Domain Transfer?


Domain authorization code or EPP secret's one among the simplest web hospedaje against unauthorized transfers and needed whenever you would like to transfer your domain names. The EPP code could be a combination of a random string of letters and numbers. Whenever you would like to transfer your domain to a brand new registrar, they have to verify your possession for a triple-crown transfer. It means that EPP codes are generated by the present registrars and verified through alternative international registries.


How To Use in Domain Transfer?
First of all open Your Web Hospedaje Account Here. Then Click on the Domain Section.


Then Click on the Domain Section


Now Select Your Domain Name that you want to Transfer. On the left side you can see the EPP Code Section. So here we have to click. You Can See Your Epp Domain Code.


EPP Code Section

Open another account in which you want to Transfer the domain. So Open Your Domain Transfer Section. So here we have to enter domain name and epp domain code. Now click on add to cart button. So your domain has been Transferred Successfully.


your domain has been Transferred Successfully

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