How To Create an FTP Account OR Connect Filezilla?


1.- First you must log in to your account here with your registration email and password, or you can also use the Access with Google button to enter directly with your Gmail account which must be the same with which you created your account:



Now go to cPanel. if You Don't Know That:- How To Access cPanel. You Can Watch This Video. it's Link Here in the Description. So here you can see the Files section. we have to click on FTP Account he



Then you have to enter your username and add strong password. After that you have to set your domain directory. and also set your quota memory. But My Suggestion is That you should unlimited. Now Click On Create FTP Account Button.



2nd:- Step

How To Connect FTP Account With Filezilla?

First of All We have to open Filezilla Software. So Here an you can see the site manager. Just we have to click here. Now Click on new site. We Have to written domain name in host section. and add your username and password.



Then Simply we have to click on OK. Again you have to click on File Manager. and also on connect button.

Wait a few second

So Site has been connected successfully with filezilla.


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