How to Create a Personalized Corporate Email?


To start using personalized emails with your own domain name, you must follow the following steps:

1.- First you have to have a registered domain name, which will be the one that appears after the @, for example, You must also have a hosting contract so that you can host the sent and received emails. If you still do not have your own domain and a web hosting service, then enter here and hire a web hosting plan, registering a new custom domain name or use one you already have.


2.- When you already have active hosting, then enter the cPanel account associated with the Web Hosting plan. If you do not know how to enter the cPanel account, support yourself by watching the tutorial How to Access cPanel?


3.- Now inside the hosting control panel (cPanel), go to the “EMAIL” section and then to “Email Accounts”.

Access the email account manager to create, edit and delete.


4.- To create a new one you must go to the "+Create" button. You will also be able to see the complete list of corporate emails created.

Enter the button to create a new custom email box.


5.- The last step to create a corporate email box, enter the prefix or Username (which is before the @) and an alphanumeric password of at least 5 characters. Optional, you can click on "Edit Settings" and additional parameters will be displayed down there that you can modify to the corporate email account that will be created. This drop-down list allows you to change the disk space of the hosting assigned to the email account, where the default comes with 250MB and in which you can change by more or less assigned MegaBytes.
Remember that the space of the email is dependent on the space of the main disk, that is, if you have 1GB of space in the hosting and you create an email with 2GB, then when the 1GB of the SSD is over, you will not be able to continue using the mail even though it is this maximum capacity 2,000MB.

Enter the username and password associated with the personalized email.

Modify the space for inboxes, outboxes, drafts, spam and others associated with the corporate mail that will be created.



6.- To access the corporate email inbox through the Webmail platform, you must enter the URL “”.
Another way to access the mailboxes is to enter directly from cPanel, in the Email Accounts section, and then clicking on "Check Email". Then inside, you must go to "Open your inbox" and click the Open button, which by default opens with the "RoundCube" software for Webmail.

Access Webmail by entering your corporate email name and password.

Enter a corporate email without having access data through the Email Account section in cPanel

Select the RoundCube platform which is the default for viewing email inboxes.

Inboxes, outboxes, sent, spam, trash and more of the company mail.

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