What is a Hosting and How are They Classified?


Hosting corresponds to a web service in charge of hosting websites. Hosting on the web provides users who use the internet with the possibility of saving data, files, videos, photographs, and any article that can be entered from the web.

Unlike a physical place that houses people, web hosting hosts the files, data of a web page or project and your inboxes, sent spam, drafts, and other folders of emails.

Differences between the similarity of the physical with the virtual for hosting, internet domains, website.


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plans host scaled by size on ssd disk.



What are the Main Types of Hosting?

Shared hosting versus VPS or Dedicated Server.


Shared Web Hosting:

Shared hosting is the most used. In this type of web service, the hosting accounts of different users are hosted on the same physical server, where they share resources such as physical memory (RAM) and CPU. Within shared hosting, there are also different types of service, depending on its configuration. In addition, each client has their own administrator via cPanel or Plesk to configure basic parameters of their hosting account, where they can also upload files, databases, create corporate mailboxes, host domains, and subdomains, create an FTP account, install SSL certificates, and other basic functions.


VPS Server:

A VPS (Virtual Private Server). It is this type of hosting, in which users share the same physical server, but each one with its own web resources of RAM and CPU.


Dedicated Server:

A dedicated server, and as its name suggests, gives the user the administration of a complete server without sharing any resources at all with another client, obtaining the full operational capacity of the webserver.



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