What is an SSL Certificate and How to Install It?


The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security certificate executes processes that are based on the use of cryptography, in order to deliver secure forms of communication to the network. It also provides privacy in the transfer of data on the network.

To verify if a website has an SSL certificate, you must see in the main navigation bar the existence of a closed padlock, where the URL must also begin with the extension HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure).

Find in your browser the secure and encrypted website lock with SSL technology.

In the next paragraph, you will find the steps to make SSL operational on your hosting.

Steps to install the SSL security certificate:

1.- You must already have your hosting plan active using your own domain or registering a new name. You can see the WebHopsedaje plans here



2.- Enter the cPanel account associated with the contracted hosting. If you do not know how to enter, we recommend that you read the tutorial How to access cPanel?



3.- When you are in the control panel to manage your hosting (cPanel), you must enter the SSL / TLS STATUS section.

Main page of the cPanel account, to access the automatic installer of the SSL security certificate.



4.- Now, wait a few seconds until the RUN AUTO SSL button appears and click it.

Install the secure website SSL certificate associated with your hosting and domain in one click.



5.- To finish, wait a few minutes and the window will automatically update, and if everything is propagated correctly, the locks will change from red to green indicating that the HTTPS extension associated with the SSL secure site certificate was installed successfully.

* Remember that you must wait 24 hours after the domain was registered or a DNS change was made for SSL to be activated automatically or force with this tutorial.

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